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Honoring the Lord in Spirit and in Truth through Christian Ministries

Let your love for God shine through by supporting any of the Christian ministries at Lincoln Avenue Christian Church in Pasadena, California. You can choose to be part of our youth ministry or children's ministry, among many others. These ministries allow you to make the most out of your God-given talents and honor the Lord's work for His greater glory. People from all walks of life are welcome to serve in our church.

Food Giveaway

Our Christian Ministries

We take the mandate to make disciples very seriously. From the ministers to members of the congregation, every person in our church is committed to serving others with a humble spirit and Christlikeness in mind. We believe that each one of us was given spiritual gifts from above, which enable us to spread His Word in our own little way. Through the following ministries, we strive hard to exalt the name of the Lord and be of service to Him:

Food Giveaway | Family Promise™ - Union Rescue Mission™ | Young Adult/Singles Ministry | Couples for Christ Married Ministry | Encore Generation Seniors Ministry | Men's Fellowship | God's Girls Women Ministry | Youth Ministry | Children's Ministry | Media Ministry